Erdan to UN: Take a Closer Look

While members of the United Nations Security Council on Friday expressed alarm over the rising number of Palestinian casualties, Israel’s ambassador urged them to take a look at the underlying reason: ongoing security operations meant to stop a brutal escalation in terrorism.

“Israel is in the midst of a terror wave,” Israeli envoy Gilad Erdan told the council during Friday’s quarterly debate on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “Since the start of this year alone, there have been over 4,000 Palestinian terror attacks perpetrated against Israelis. Car ramming, rock throwing, fire bombings, stabbing, shootings, rockets and many other acts of Palestinian violence have become a fact of life for millions of Israelis.”

We applaud Ambassador Erdan’s steadfast work in fighting for the truth about Israel in the shameful halls of the United Nations. AFSI looks forward to a continuation of this vital effort – and more – with the new government.

This is another example of the UN being totally useless and run by countries that in many cases lack any form of acceptable government.

Israeli envoy tells UN Palestinian terror behind rising West Bank casualties, by Mike Wagenheim/JNS, October 31, 2022

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