The Wicked Witch is Dead – The “two-state solution” is buried

In an atmosphere of friendship and warmth, Prime MInister Netanyahu of Israel and President Trump met today, re-establishing the genuine friendship that had traditionally existed between Israel and America, until the deep freeze of the Obama administration.  

The highlight of the meeting was the rather off-hand comment President Trump made about the “two-state solution” which AFSI has been labeling the “delusion” for years. How refreshing it was to hear the words assuring Israel that the one solution that America would support would be the one agreed upon by the parties involved. How sensible, and how realistic. Yet, this will shake the foundations of the media world stunned that the “solution” that hadn’t worked since it was introduced would no longer be pursued. Yes, a stunning revelation.
Netanyahu stressed that the two main Israeli conditions for peace have not changed in years and these are that Israel must be recognized as a Jewish state and Israel must maintain security control of the land west of the Jordan River. Of course, a starting point for any negotiations must be that the Arabs recognize Israel’s right to exist and the teaching of hate and terror in the PA schools and mosques must end.
When President Trump suggested that Israel “hold off on the settlements for a little bit,” Prime Minister Netanyahu reminded him that the word “Jew” comes from “Judea”, the ancient homeland of the Jewish people. Clearly, the fact that the Jews are the indigenous people in the land of Israel must be asserted.
As President Trump had stated while campaigning, he wants to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. He repeated the need to look into this very seriously. Hopefully, the results will be what we have always advocated. the U.S. Embassy in Israel in Jerusalem, Israel’s capital city.
The Iran issue was discussed and both agreed that the 2015 Iran deal is terrible; Trump called it one of the “worst” he’d ever seen, and said he would prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Of course, PM Netanyahu had argued against it from the beginning. He mentioned the Arab states that are not necessarily allies, but are allied in their interest in containing the Iranians.
Radical Islamic terror was recognized by both leaders as being a worldwide threat which both men are committed to defeating.
Now what?
Overall, joy and optimism on the right. On Facebook, Jewish Home leader Naftali Bennett wrote, “A new era. After 24 years, the Palestinian flag is lowered and the Israeli flag is put in its place,” (24 years referring to the Oslo Accords.)
Likud Minister Ofir Akunis said that this marks the end of the two-state solution. “This is the most important day for those who love the country of Israel,” he tweeted. He added that Trump understands that the two-state solution won’t bring peace in the Middle East.
Now, with a true friend in the White House, AFSI hopes that Israel will go for full sovereignty in Judea and Samaria.

Contact Your Senator To Support David Friedman As America’s Next Ambassador To Israel
Nominee David Friedman with President Trump
This Thursday, February 16, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will hold a confirmation hearing to determine the nomination of President Trump’s selection for Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman. David Friedman is a true friend of Israel, one who understands Israel’s past and present, and one who will help shape the critical US-Israel relationship into the future.
The following 21 Senators are on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Please contact them, requesting they support the President’s eminently qualified nominee.
It is crucial that your voice be heard, as there is a major effort against his nomination by anti-Israel groups.
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