Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ Revealed, Part 1

Just days before the US sponsored Bahrain conference, the White House released the first of a two-part Middle East peace plan, outlining the Trump administration’s “economic vision” for Palestinian Arab territories and neighboring Arab countries.

The highly anticipated proposal calls for a $50 billion investment in PA territories from private companies and donor countries to jump start local economies and boost conditions in Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon, which would each receive a portion of the funds.

The 40-page plan rests on three initiatives: 1) to “unleash the economic potential” of the Palestinians, 2) “empower the Palestinians to realize their ambitions,” and 3) “enhance Palestinian governance.”

The second part of the plan is meant to address the political implications of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and is expected to be released in the fall.

Read Part 1 of the proposal Peace to Prosperity, The Economic Plan: A New Vision for the Palestinian People.

Saudi diplomat argues that this includes a “clear path leading to complete Palestinian Independence” ~Jerusalem Post Staff

PA says Trump deal nothing more than a financial bribe while everyone else jumps on the American bandwagon ~David Israel

Bolton: Without security there can be no peace ~Arutz Sheva Staff

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