After the Dirty Work is Done….

After Israel succeeds in its mission to eradicate the Hamas terror organization, it will negotiate with Arab countries about Gaza’s future, according to Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations.

“We are doing the dirty work for many of these Arab countries,” Gilad Erdan told the Tazpit Press Service earlier this week. Erdan continued, “The U.N. played a big role in allowing Hamas to turn the Gaza Strip into a war machine, a terror machine against Israel and against the civilized world.”

After Israel wins the war, Erdan thinks the Israeli government should hold “a serious assessment regarding our relations with the U.N.” “My recommendations will be to expel and not to issue visas to some of the U.N. officials, who are exploiting their position in order to spread lies, in order to enable Hamas to embed themselves within an under civilian population in Gaza and many other terrible things that Hamas have been doing for the last 16 years under the nose of U.N. agencies,” the senior diplomat said.

We agree with Erdan. It’s an idea that’s long overdue and it also helps get to one root of many problems in this area.

Israel doing ‘dirty work’ for Arab countries that might govern Gaza, says envoy, by Mike Wagenheim/TPS via World Israel News, November 20, 2023

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