Allen West’s Correct Take

Allen West’s Correct Take

Allen West “If you want to free Palestine, you give it back to the people who had it in the first place, the Jewish people.”

The above quote from Allen West can be seen in the following video, recently uploaded to Facebook.


Allen West, a strong supporter of Israel, was a U.S. Representative from Florida from 2011 to 2013. Prior to that he had an illustrious military career, serving 22 years in the U.S. Army. Lieutenant Colonel West served in several combat zones: Operation Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he was a Battalion Commander in the Army’s 4th Infantry Division, and later in Afghanistan. He is currently National Center for Policy Analysis Executive Director and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors


The full quote is below. The adage – the more things change, the more they stay the same – certainly holds true today. Change the words below from “every time we give them land” to “every time we destroy Jewish homes”… we have today’s events in Amona and Ofra.


“If you want to free Palestine, you give it back to the people who had it in the first place, the Jewish people. The nation of Israel has been in diaspora for too long. This is their land… It is not time for appeasement, it is not time for negotiations, it is not time for compromise. Every time we give them [the Palestinians] land, they want more. Every commission decision from the 1937 Peel Commission all the way to the Oslo Accords and just recently when Benjamin Netanyahu said ‘we will suspend settlements for ten months,’ they said it’s still not enough. You’re dealing with an enemy that only wants one thing, and that is a return to the holocaust. That is not happening as long as I still have breath in my lungs. There will never be anything other than the nation of Israel that occupies these boundaries that is set in the words here that we have in the bible and the Torah. Educate yourselves and let everyone understand that, everyone over there, the land belongs to the Jewish people. And it was theirs, it was taken from them by the Romans in 70 AD, you wanna do what’s right, give it back to the Jewish people.”

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