Amona – The Hidden Scandal Comes To Light

Amona Will Return!

It has been reported by Honenu, Israel’s National Legal Defense Organization, that away from the cameras, there was extreme police brutality against the residents and supporters of Amona during their expulsion. From the reports it appears that much of the violence had occurred after the demonstrators had been loaded onto buses and the means to document the incidents had been taken from civilians. The news media were not filming inside buses.
Honenu’s staff sent out the following message yesterday: “When the police remove people from the houses they exercise self control, but in places where there are no cameras, the violence starts. We are reporting on severe violence inside the buses, after all of the cameras and cellular devices have been taken from the youths. We call on everyone who has been injured to contact us in order to file complaints and claims against violent policemen.”
They report today that all of the more than 40 protesters who were detained in the area of Amona throughout the day and night yesterday, have been released. Honenu attorneys provided legal counsel to the detainees and assisted with their release proceedings.
Amona: More complaints of police brutality

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