Another Challenge in Area C

The Fight for Every Dunam forum last Thursday released a report titled, Mount Ebal: A Wake-Up Call – an exposé of the plan the Palestinian Authority is promoting at Joshua’s altar. The report suggests that in recent years, the PA has been investing efforts in paving roads as a means of taking over land on the Ebal ridge in general, and the historic site of Joshua’s altar in particular.

Now, official documents of the PA’s Local Government Ministry the Struggle for Every Dunam acquired by Fight for Every Dunam reveal a construction plan for dozens of lots around the area of the ancient Joshua’s Altar on Mount Ebal.

This is yet another challenge for the new government and we trust they will act swiftly to reverse this and begin the very overdue process to re-take and protect Area C.

Report: PA Constructing Illegal Settlement in and around Joshua’s Altar, by David Israel/Jewish Press, January 13, 2023



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