Youth to Prime Minister: Build the Zionist Vision, Sovereignty Now

In a lightning campaign conducted by members of the Sovereignty Youth Movement, more than one thousand signatures were gathered from teenagers and youths calling upon the Israeli government to apply Israeli sovereignty to the Jordan Valley first. In the coming days, with the completion of the signature gathering, the petition will be submitted to the Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, and the government ministers.

The youth are calling upon the new Israeli government to implement the promises made by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu many times in the past regarding his commitment to the application of sovereignty in the Jordan Valley. These promises, the movement mentions, have the broad support of all the members of the coalition, as well as the members of the opposition loyal to the Zionist vision.

AFSI’s late Co-Director, Helen Freedman, z”l, was convinced that AFSI’s next most important mission was to educate young people about Israel’s truth. It’s clear that Israel’s youth are well educated on this subject and have chosen to assert themselves. They are an integral part of the building and maintaining the Zionist dream. Helen would be overjoyed with pride to see Israel’s youth taking a stand in support of sovereignty.

Sovereignty Youth Is Petitioning: Sovereignty Over the Jordan Valley first, by Israel National News, January 17, 2023


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