Revolution Underway for Israel’s Judicial System

Justice Minister Yariv Levin published for the first time yesterday the draft of his bill to reform Israel’s judicial system.

Among many on the agenda is the goal to change the composition of the committee for the selection of Supreme Court justices. The court’s ability to annul laws enacted by the Knesset will be limited and an Override Clause will be enacted allowing a majority of 61 MKs to repass laws struck down by the Supreme Court.

Further proposed is that each branch of government – the Knesset, the federal government, and the judiciary – determine its own representatives and no branch will interfere in the selection of the representatives of the other branches, nor in the working procedures of the committee or in their judgment and finally in their decisions on the selection of justices.

Levin’s reforms to the judiciary also include promoting legislation to allow the appointment of a Supreme Court president who is not part of the current court.

Israel’s legislative remedy is in motion and we look forward to the the proper role of the Supreme Court be restored and codified. Levin’s critics are outraged and say his push for judicial reforms are the beginning of the end of Israel’s sovereignty. We say it’s the beginning of strengthening Israel’s democracy and paving a path for the road to full sovereignty.

Justice Minister publishes judicial reform bill, by Israel National News, January 11, 2023

Report: Justice Minister Levin planning another judicial reform, by Israel National News, January 10, 2023


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