Another Peace Plan In The Offing: Worries Ahead Or Much Ado About Nothing?

The past few weeks have witnessed media speculation about President Trump announcing a US initiative toward restarting negotiations between Israel and the “Palestinian” Arabs.

Caroline Glick’s piece in the Jerusalem Post puts to rest any idea that if what we are reading in the media is accurate, Trump’s initiative would have any chance of success at all.

Yet, there are also reports that Trump’s plan would differ from that of previous presidents in several important ways, including:
– It would not be based on the pre-1967 lines
– It would not include the uprooting of Jews in Judea and Samaria (nor Arabs)

Regardless of any differences between Trump’s plan and those proposed by previous presidents, AFSI, since its founding, has been a staunch adherent to the idea of full Israeli sovereignty throughout the Land of Israel, i.e., Yisrael Shleyma – Israel from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Any notion of an Arab state within the borders of Israel is nothing but a supreme threat to the existence of Israel, and must never happen.

As written by Women In Green, proponents of the Sovereignty Movement:
“Anyone who has forgotten: A Palestinian state between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River endangers the State of Israel. We are shocked by the weak memory that leads the planners of the deathtrap to the State of Israel.”

“For all those who have forgotten the fundamental principles of Zionism, we will recall that the Land of Israel is our land, and the only way to lead to true peace is to apply Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria.”

“An Israeli concession to the Zionist-historical principle that this land belongs to the people of Israel alone, will lead to further concessions as has been proven in the past. Israel is once again asked to continue to pay in the currency of territory for insignificant signatures of the Arab side on pieces of paper, and reminds that there is no country in the world that desires to live that gives up its achievements in a war that was forced on it.”
(Read about Women In Green HERE.)

In addition, Yoram Ettinger makes the case against a Palestinian state, from a US perspective:
A Palestinian Arab state – enhancing or eroding US national security?

Whether or not Trump’s purported plan sees the light of day or is just a diversion from other, more important issues in the Middle East, such as Iran’s march toward creating a Shiite crescent all way to the Mediterranean Sea, any plan that proposes a Palestinian state within the borders of Israel, is by definition, a non-starter, and one which we, and all supporters of Israel, will continue to vociferously rally against.

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