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The Poles Get It Right While Western Europe Is In BIG Trouble

At the risk of financial penalties imposed by the European Union, Poland is taking a determined stand not to accept and resettle Muslim refugees pouring into Europe.
This principled, rational and sensible decision has incurred the wrath of unelected EU officials who are threatening Poland, along with the Czech Republic, with legal action and penalties for refusing to admit Muslims from the Middle East and northern Africa.
We say to Poland, bravo! Perhaps all is not lost, at least in Eastern Europe. As for Western Europe, that’s another story.
And regarding a wall on our southern border with Mexico? Mr. President: Build, baby, build.
As has been proven time and again, appeasement does not work; it only emboldens aggressors to become more aggressive. Take the most recent example, Islamist attacks against Spain, Finland and Germany. Over the years these countries have bent over backward to appease Muslims, but they continue to be loci for Islamist attacks. As Giulio Meotti writes, it just proves that Muslims do not need a “reason” to kill Westerners, but only an opening, typically provided by weak governments.
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Peace Talks Redux

We read today that White House presidential adviser and envoy Jared Kushner, along with negotiator Jason Greenblatt and others, are in the Middle East, meeting with Israelis and “Palestinians”, hoping to restart a “peace process.”
Why send emissaries to talk peace with Mahmoud Abbas when he and his cohorts:
– Continue to pay terrorists for murdering Israelis?
– Demand Israel “return” to the pre-June 1967 lines, referred to as Auschwitz borders?
– Demand Jerusalem as a capital of a future Palestinian state?
– Call for a Palestinian state that would be Judenrein?
– Continue to lie about teaching peace to their children, and continue to foster anti-Semitism in government, the media and educational institutions?

If anything, during his twelve year tenure of a four year term, Abbas has been consistent: consistent in making ridiculous demands, consistent in rejecting peace overtures from Israel, and consistent in his refusal to accept the idea of Jewish sovereignty…anywhere!

It is time that the U.S. administration state publicly what it already knows: the “Palestinians” – an invented people – do not want peace and are not willing to accept Jewish sovereignty.
Dealing with Abbas is like trying to talk to a child throwing a tantrum – accede to all of my demands or I’ll take my ball and go home. Why even speak to these people? Why play the charade?


Committing to the two-state solution would bias Washington in Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts, a US official said Wednesday, as a high-level delegation arrived in the region to try and jump start talks amid Palestinian protests over a lack of clarity from the White House.
“We are not going to state what the outcome has to be,” State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said. “It has to be workable to both sides. That’s the best view as to not really bias one side over the other, to make sure that they can work through it.”
So, perhaps Washington does see the light after all! As much as President Trump would like to be a signatory to the “deal of the century”, it appears that his views of peace in the Middle East – one state, two states, or whatever the parties agree to, has (finally) permeated down to the rest of his government. Perhaps the U.S. is no longer beholden to the sacrosanct “two state solution” that the world has attempted to shove down Israel’s throat for decades.
To be continued.
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When Will Jewish Lives Matter?

This week’s Jewish Press has printed AFSI’s Co-Executive Director Helen Freedman’s Letter to the Editor. We reprint it here in full:
When Will Jewish Lives Matter?
As I mourned the latest  Islamic terror attack, this time in Barcelona, Spain, I noticed that virtually all media listings of prior terror attacks where vehicles were used as weapons failed to mention even one of the car, truck, bulldozer, bus, and other vehicle rammings that routinely take place in Israel.
The first occurred in 2008 in Jerusalem and proved so successful that the copycat terrorists understood that this was a new way of effectively terrifying and murdering innocent people.
Israel has always been the canary in the coal mine – the incubator for successful Muslim terror attacks. The suicide and homicide bombings, the knifings, Molotov cocktails, stonings, all were tried out in Israel, found to be successful, and implemented worldwide.
Sadly, this history of ongoing Muslim terrorism in Israel is taken for granted, and the media forget or decide to exclude it from its list of monstrous murder.
When, if ever, will Jewish lives matter?
Helen Freedman
Co-Executive Director
Americans For a Safe Israel / AFSI
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The Eclipse of Western Civilization

by Jonathan Grauman, AFSI Research Analyst

What are we Wearing: Safety Glasses or Blinders?

Earlier this week, hundreds of millions of people across the United States witnessed a once-in-a-lifetime spectacular event – a total eclipse of the sun. People reserved flights, hotels and automobiles years in advance in order to be situated in a perfect place to witness this incredible sight. They trekked to mountain tops and open fields for an unimpeded view. The eclipse itself lasted several hours, as the moon slowly moved in front of the sun, and then away from it. But that one special moment – when the moon was fully in front of, and fully blocking the sun – lasted for just a few minutes. The sky darkened and objects normally impossible to see became visible, such as certain planets. Animals reacted in unpredictable ways, as their biological clocks seemed out of whack. Truly a remarkable and amazing testament to Mother Nature.

To enjoy and savor this historic occasion safely, people had to use special safety glasses or other devices to enable them to look directly at the sun. If not, there would be damage to one’s eyesight, perhaps even leading to blindness.

While the solar eclipse was safe for those who were prepared, today there is another eclipse occurring, and this one has been going on for several decades. It is far more dangerous than a solar eclipse, and one for which we have not been, and are still not, prepared. This is the eclipse of Western civilization by Islam. Today, Islam is on the march worldwide, and during this eclipse, we in the West have not been wearing our safety glasses. Instead we have been wearing blinders.

The crescent of the sun has just waxed and waned to our great pleasure. However, the crescent of Islam is on the rise and is waxing gloriously, to our great pain. This crescent is accompanied by the sword – a weapon that figuratively and literally symbolizes the conquest of Western civilization – our way of life – by an ideology bent on destroying us and intent on conquering the world.

Europe is being overrun by refugees. Refugees? Sure, out of several million there are a number of individuals who have genuinely fled war zones seeking safety. So, where are the women and children? Why are the overwhelming number of “refugees” from the Middle East and north Africa who are making their way to Europe, young men in their 20’s and 30’s?

Why are Europeans allowing their continent to be overrun by an alien culture, by those bent not on assimilating, but on taking over? Rape and other crimes have skyrocketed, there are pockets of no-go zones where non-Muslims entering risk their lives, unemployment is rising, and what do the Europeans do? They shrug their shoulders. They claim that fresh blood is needed to enable their economies to continue working at a high pace. Well, they have signed a deal with the devil. Perhaps if they would have procreated a little more fervently, they wouldn’t have needed this “fresh blood” to save their economies!

The situation is not as dire in the United States, but is fast becoming urgent. Here, the cry of “Islamophobia” is quickly shouted whenever a Muslim is criticized or accused of an offense. It is as if Muslims have special immunity from prosecution, based solely on their religion. Free speech in the U.S. is fast becoming at risk in the public square, and of course, on college campuses where cries of “Death to Israel” and “Death to Jews’ are being heard more and more frequently, often by members of radical Islamic and anti-Semitic organizations.

For too long, we have catered to Islamists in this country and have swept the evils of radical Islam under the rug. Our freedom of speech and expression are being eclipsed by fear and pandering to a “culture” that is emboldened by our weakness.

If only there were special glasses to help us to see and understand the reality that is Islam on the march. Is it too late? Time will tell.

AFSI Board Member Ken Abramowitz has addressed the dangers to Western Civilization in his brilliant studies entitled: THE FUTURE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION: HOW TO SAVE WESTERN CIVILIZATION FROM ITSELF! His website: SAVETHEWEST.COM is a treasure trove of information. We recommend it highly.



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Our Condolences

Americans For a Safe Israel expresses its condolences to the families of the victims of today’s heinous terror attack in Barcelona, Spain – as of this writing, at least thirteen murdered and 50 injured. We wish a full and speedy recovery to those wounded.
We have two thoughts on today’s attack:
1. This was a car ramming attack. Where do you think the terrorists learned and perfected this tactic?
2. These kinds of attacks have occurred on a regular basis in Israel, yet governments, especially many European governments, have not considered them to be terror attacks when they occur in Israel, just acts of violence. To paraphrase Jeremiah Wright, that noted American anti-Semite: In Europe the chickens have now come home to roost.
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Queens Museum – An Omen of Things to Come?

Here we are, a day after the brouhaha surrounding the cancellation of the Israel event at the Queens Museum and its reinstatement.
Are we supposed to breathe a sigh of relief and be happy that the show will now go on? Sure, the pro-Israel community applied a lot of pressure and the museum caved in, so we can look back with satisfaction that we “carried a big stick” and got our way.
But is that it? Do we put this episode behind us as if it never occurred? We are relieved that this dirty little affair ended favorably. However, we should be angry – seething mad – that it occurred at all. IT SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED IN THE FIRST PLACE.
It is reprehensible that the head of a museum would bow to “Palestinian” pressure to cancel an Israel event, and on ridiculous grounds that the event is political. We know that the museum head – President and Executive Director Laura Raicovich – is pro-BDS. Perhaps she was more than happy to comply with a little outside pressure from anti-Israel forces, and regardless of any legal, moral or ethical consideration, was all too happy to try to prevent an event celebrating Israel.
Another consideration is: did she believe she would get away with it? As was seen, only because of intense pressure from the Israeli Consul in New York, several New York City politicians, and lots of negative press against the museum, did the museum reverse its decision.
Unfortunately, this is likely a harbinger of things to come. To quote a 1964 Bob Dylan song, The Times They Are A Changin’. Anti-Semitism in America is on the rise, as is the normalization of the demonization of Israel. Students on our college campuses are harassed for supporting Israel and are woefully unprepared for the challenges they face, and attacks and threats against Jews and Jewish institutions throughout the country are becoming more commonplace
With the bogus theory of “intersectionality” becoming more respectable, Israel is being portrayed as responsible for the woes we face, regardless of how irrational and absurd the charges actually are. It is becoming more acceptable to be anti-Israel / anti-Semitic.
Even though we may have won the battle of the Queens Museum, there never should have been a battle to begin with. Our enemies are pushing, poking and prodding wherever they can to weaken us in the court of public opinion, and we cannot allow them to succeed.
In response, our guard must be up 24/7 and our vigilance relentless. History, truth, morality and justice are all on our side, yet we are not getting our message out loudly and clearly. We can no longer sit back and continue to be attacked, only to respond ineffectively and too late to mitigate damage. Yes, our defenses must be up, but we must also be on the offense. We must attack – in the media, in academia, and on the street.
We can no longer be someone else’s punching bag. We are not playing a game, and the stakes are too high.
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Whither the American Jewish Community?

Isi Leibler has a very important article in the Jerusalem Post about the troubling state of anti-Semitism and American Jewry today:
Historically, much or most anti-Semitism in the U.S. has been attributed to the radical Right. While there has always been anti-Semitism from the Left, it has been minimized or even ignored by Jewish institutional leaders. However, as Leibler (correctly) posits, there is no question that Leftist anti-Semitism and anti-Israel activity are far greater threats than from the Right.
Here are a few quotes:
“The threats from the radical Right must not be tolerated. Yet despite the massive exposure they received, these fascist and racist groups represent a minute segment of society and their influence is marginal when compared to the leftist anti-Semites. The latter, who are vastly understated, promote the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement and have transformed campuses into anti-Israel and anti-Semitic platforms.
Moreover, there are Jewish community leaders who have allied themselves with far-left campaigns headed by vicious anti-Israel elements, arguing that anti-Israel agitators should not be excluded as partners in broader campaigns for social justice. There are also calls for BDS proponents and anti-Israel Jewish groups to be included in the “big tent.”
The Jewish community must take stock or it will lose all influence on government. The Trump administration appears divided over Israel, with the State Department resurrecting the Obama approach of appeasing the Arabs and applying moral equivalence to Israelis defending themselves and Palestinians engaging in incitement and terrorism. The Jewish leadership could have a positive influence in this area if it displayed political neutrality.
Currently Israel enjoys more support from Christian Evangelicals than from American Jews.
American Jewish leaders should wake up now before it is too late and their once influential community becomes marginalized.
Wise words.
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Jeremy Gimpel in Texas!

AFSI friend Jeremy Gimpel is now in Texas and will be speaking at numerous venues throughout his stay.
We will be posting Jeremy’s Texas itinerary as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime, if you haven’t experienced Jeremy, you can get a “taste of Jeremy” as well as a “taste of an AFSI Chizuk mission” from the following I Am Israel video.
Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel is the co-founder of The Land of Israel Network & the host of Israel Inspired Radio & TV Shows as well as a Director in World Mizrachi.
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No, Not Again!

Neve Dekalim, Gaza, 2005
(Photo: Jerusalem Post)

Josh Hasten, Director of Regavim (/ writes in the Jerusalem Post about another Israeli court ruling about another set of Jewish homes in another community in the Shomron that are threatened with destruction, all on dubious and unsubstantiated claims that they are illegally built on “private Palestinian land.”
This time, the homes are in the Netiv Avot neighborhood of Elazar. From the top of this neighborhood, one can see the buildings of Ashdod, the boats in the harbor, and the Mediterranean sea beyond.
Why? A 2016 High Court ruling declared that 15 out of the community’s 42 homes were illegally built, and a March 2018 date has been set for their demolition by the state.
To date, no private ownership of the land, or registration of ownership has ever been proven, nor were any ties of the Arab petitioner to the land proven. Yet, the state has ruled that the homes must be demolished.
As Josh writes, While every case is unique, we’ve seen some of these types of ludicrous rulings before. Whether it was the 2012 evacuation of 50 families from Migron, who were relocated to a trailer park just two kilometers away, or the destruction of five buildings in Beit-El’s Ulpana apartment complex that same year, no Arabs are currently present utilizing the lands, which were once thriving Jewish areas, in any way, shape or form.

I would bet that the same will hold true in the area where the recently demolished Amona stood, along with the land where nine Ofra homes once sat. In other words, Jewish homes are being torn down without rhyme or reason.

The next month or so will determine the fate of Netiv Avot, and we will be watching developments closely.
It’s time this nonsense stops.
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The True Threat to Israel (and the World): Iran

Israel on the left, Iran on the right. How’s this for perspective?
While the world’s attention has been focused on North Korea these past few weeks, one does not need to be particularly astute to connect the goings on in North Korea, with Iran. The two rogue nations have been surreptitiously and intimately connected for many years, particularly in the field of nuclear weapons development and their delivery systems.
Given Iran’s oft-stated desire to wipe Israel off the map, the consequences of North Korea successfully developing a missile-capable nuclear weapon along with an intercontinental delivery system, are extremely worrisome.
The working assumption is that if North Korea can do it, so can Iran.
It is anyone’s guess how the current tension between the U.S. and North Korea will play out, but it is now being reported that the Iranians are increasing their military spending, and are working to create a Shi’ite arc across the Middle East, from Iran, through Iraq and Syria, to Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea. The Iranians are already the main player in Iraq and Syria, and Hezbollah in Lebanon is really just one arm of the Iranian military machine.
Within Israel, the threat Iran poses is understood. Israeli Education and Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett released a video this past Thursday detailing the danger that Iran poses to Israel, the Middle East and the rest of the world.
Whereas ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas and other terrorist organizations are major terror threats to Israel and the rest of the Middle East, the ultimate terror threat originates with Iran.
Today, with so much turmoil within the United States, with Europe focusing on the ever-growing problem of “refugees”, and the world focused on eradicating ISIS, we ignore the ominous threat that Iran poses right now, at our peril.

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