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Say NO to Roger Waters!

Say NO to Roger Waters!

Protest Roger Waters’ presence at the Barclays Center
Monday 9/11 & Tuesday 9/12 at 7 PM, both nights
(easily accessible by car & public transportation)

Roger Waters has been a vocal advocate for BDS and has promoted anti-Israel activism for years. He will be playing at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on September 11 and 12 at 7:00 PM

Silence equals complicity. Silence permits anti-Semitism to grow.
Wear blue and white. Wear your organization’s shirts. Bring Israeli flags.(not on wooden sticks, please) Bring signs!
Be there! Don’t be silent!
There is a HUGE amount of information available online about Roger Waters and his support of BDS, his anti-Israel activism and anti-Semitism.
Waters has led many campaigns against artists performing in Israel. Charles Asher Small, the founder and director of the Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP) has called Waters the leader of the BDS movement at the cultural level.” 
Waters has used anti-Semitic and anti-Israel imagery during his concerts, such as a huge pig-shaped balloon with a star of David on its side.
He has compared Israel to Nazis, and said that he knew of no more oppressive regime on the planet.
He spews forth lies and falsehoods about Israel at every opportunity he can get, preaching to the uninformed and gullible, as is shown in this YouTube video, recently uploaded by pro-Israel blogger Israellycool.
Click HERE for much more on Israellycool’s blog about Waters’ pro-BDS, anti-Israel positions.
And, click for New York’s JCRC’s repository of information about Roger Waters.
In addition to playing at the Barclays Center, Waters is scheduled to perform at the Nassau Coliseum on the Jewish Sabbath, Friday, September 15 and Saturday, September 16.
There is hope that his performing on Long Island will be cancelled as it violates a local law against the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, according to Howard Kopel, a Nassau County lawmaker.
We will be watching this closely.

It’s Worse Than We Thought:
The Center For Jewish History New CEO
Must Be Fired For Radical Viewpoints about Israel
We reported earlier this week that David N. Myers, the new CEO of the Center For Jewish History, is a leader of The New Israel Fund, holds
leadership positions of IF Not Now, When and of J Street, and supports “some forms” of boycotting Israel. Center For Jewish History new CEO holds radical left viewpoints
Today we learn that he is also an Academic Advisory Board Member for Jewish Voices for Peace (JVP), one of the most nefarious anti-Israel organizations out there.
As reported in Arutz Sheva, The incoming head of “…the biggest repository of Jewish history in the United States is part of an organization that opposed efforts to adopt the State Department definition of anti-Semitism. Jewish Voices for Peace today feature in the media urging “young Jews not to take part in Birthright Israel trips.”
It is urgent to contact CJH to express your displeasure at their hiring of someone to such an important position with such extreme anti-Israel bias. It is unconscionable that the head of an organization which serves as the biggest repository of Jewish history in the United States, and serves as a centralized place of scholarly research, events, exhibitions, and performances should hold such extreme views about Israel.
The Center For Jewish History is located at 15 West 16th St. New York, NY 10011. They can be contacted via the following:
Phone: 212.294.8301
Stay tuned for plans for massive protests.
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The Middle East Heats Up; Tensions Are Mounting

1. How likely?
2. Should it really read: Israel vs. Iran?
With reports today of an attack on a Syrian chemical weapons base, presumably by Israel, tensions are mounting precipitously.
Israel neither confirmed nor denied that it was responsible, but has consistently stated that it will not permit “game changing” weapons to be introduced into either Syria or Lebanon. Israel acted on this policy ten years ago when it destroyed a nuclear reactor then under construction in Syria. Israel also acknowledged today that during the past few years it had undertaken at least 100 attacks on weapons being transferred to Hezbollah in Lebanon, mainly from Iran through Syria.
Here are several news stories on today’s developments:
From the Jerusalem Post:
Israel Hayom: Vanquish the enemy
Where does this leave us?
– Iran is inundating the Middle East with weapons, including precision-guided missiles that pose a direct threat to Israel;
– In light of Israel’s actions to destroy these weapons before they reach Hezbollah in Lebanon, Iran is now building weapons manufacturing facilities in Syria;
– As Iran stays on its path to threaten Israel from Syria and Lebanon, Israel has emphatically stated it will not permit Iran to complete it’s Shi’ite sphere of influence “belt” spanning from Iran to Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea and on the Golan Heights;
– Russia is now the main power in Syria, and it appears that the US has accepted this new reality, stepping back from serious military involvement and confrontation, unwilling to thwart Iranian expansionism;
– Israel is currently in the middle of extensive war games in the north, and the war of words between Israel and Hezbollah has increased to fever-pitch levels.
Many Israelis are saying that it is not a question of whether there will be another war with Hezbollah, but only a question of when, and whether Israel should preempt. No doubt, Israel has learned much and its military has improved by orders of magnitude since its previous Lebanon campaigns. But, Hezbollah has also gained tremendous experience through its fighting in Syria, is armed to the teeth with an estimated 150,000 missiles, many precision-guided, aimed at Israel, and has the backing of Iran. For all intents and purposes, Hezbollah has taken over Lebanon, and Israel has threatened that in the next war, all of Lebanon will be a target, not just Hezbollah positions.
With nuclear madness out of North Korea, Iran’s drive to become a nuclear power and for Middle East hegemony, Russia’s rise as the main power broker in Syria, and tensions mounting between Israel and its enemies, the upcoming winter may be a hot one.

Helen Freedman Letter to Editor, Jewish Press
LBJ And Israel
Jason Maoz’s excellent front-page essay on President Johnson and Israel was filled with information with which the American Jewish community should be familiar, but probably is not.
Johnson’s early involvement with saving Jews from the Holocaust as a member of Congress, followed decades later by his dramatic upgrading of military aid to Israel and refusal to pressure Israel to withdraw from territory won during the 1967 Six-Day War, testify to his adherence to his grandfather’s lesson: “Take care of the Jews…. Consider them your friends and help them any way you can.”
Maoz notes that widespread domestic opposition to America’s involvement in Vietnam led Johnson to forgo seeking reelection in 1968; Johnson bitterly described an encounter with American rabbis who came to him to campaign against the Vietnam war, which he felt was essential to saving a “small nation in constant peril.”
Today we have rabbis of the Reform, Conservative, and Reconstructionist movements announcing a boycott of a pre-Rosh Hashanah presidential conference call because of their disagreement with President Trump’s statements regarding the violence in Charlottesville.
The rabbis’ treatment of the president – who, like Johnson, has signaled concern for the Jewish people and Israel – is reprehensible. Just as the rabbis who descended on Johnson to urge him to abandon Vietnam, disregarding his admirable efforts vis-à-vis Israel, these modern-day rabbis are refusing to speak to President Trump, disregarding his admirable efforts and statements regarding Israel.
Clearly, the Charlottesville incident is simply an excuse for these leaders to guide their congregations in a partisan political path that has nothing to do with Judaism. May the month of Elul, and their penitential prayers, help them to see the light.
Helen Freedman
Americans for a Safe Israel/AFSI
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The Saga of South Tel Aviv

Residents of south Tel Aviv protest against African migrants living in their neighborhood.
May Golan, courageous fighter for citizens’ rights in south Tel Aviv
Illegals hangin’ out in south Tel Aviv
Over the past several years we have written regularly about the frustrating saga of illegal infiltrators mainly from Eritrea and Sudan, making south Tel Aviv their home, with the concomitant rise in crime, grime, and precipitous decrease in quality of life for Israel’s citizens.
May Golan, champion of south Tel Aviv’s residents, has been fighting the good fight as an activist and proponent of ridding the city’s southern neighborhoods of the tens of thousands of squatters making life in those areas dangerous and miserable for its inhabitants. Slowly and surely, she has raised this issue to one of national concern, forcing government officials to once and for all, deal with it.
Today, Israel’s Supreme Court issued a ruling on this subject. To summarize, the Court ruled that the removal of illegal infiltrators to a third country is legal and can continue. However, the ruling continued, deportations are voluntary, and infiltrators who refuse to be deported to a third country cannot be imprisoned for their refusal.
This, of course, has upset many, as the ruling goes directly against the intentions and the wishes of the vast majority of Israel’s citizens, that it would no longer be possible to detain infiltrators who refuse deportation to a third country.
As in so many cases concerning the welfare of Israel’s citizens, especially in cases dealing with the legal rights of Jews to live in Judea and Samaria, the Israeli High Court has ruled against the country’s citizenry. People are fed up with these rulings that negatively impact their rights to live securely.
Even Prime Minister Netanyahu has expressed his disapproval of the Court’s ruling:
“We will have to introduce an amendment to implement these agreements,” Netanyahu said, referring to a three-pronged illegal immigration strategy that consists of a wall protecting the southern border, agreements with African countries to absorb migrants, and law enforcement.  
Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked announced plans to introduce legislation allowing Israel to deport infiltrators to other African nations “even without their consent.”
Interior Minister Aryeh Deri said that “the decision not to allow the state to expel infiltrators against their will is very problematic, and it takes a very important tool away from the state allowing any infiltrator who wants to stay to remain in Israel.”
As we have done in the past, we continue to support May Golan and those in government fighting for the rights of Israel’s citizens to live legally, securely and comfortably in their homes, regardless of where these homes are situated. Whether in south Tel Aviv or on the hilltops of Samaria, Jews have the right to live in peace, knowing that the government supports them and has their best interests in mind.
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Follow-up to Developments in South Tel Aviv

Today, Arutz Sheva is continuing its coverage of events concerning south Tel Aviv, including a statement by activist May Golan. May contends that the Israeli Supreme Court is responsible for the ‘occupation’ of Tel Aviv by illegal infiltrators.
And according to the Times of Israel, Likud Minister Miri Regev stated that residents of south Tel Aviv are living as “refugees in their own country.”
Denouncing the influx of African migrants to the neighborhood, Regev says the newcomers “are not refugees.”
“They are infiltrators,” the culture minister says of the largely Sudanese and Eritrean migrants.
“The residents of south Tel Aviv are the ones who became refugees in their own country,” she says, while touring south Tel Aviv with Netanyahu and Erdan.
In addition, Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke about the crisis in south Tel Aviv: ‘South Tel Aviv will be returned to its residents’
“We are here on the mission to bring the citizens of Israel back to south Tel Aviv. I listened to all the residents, and what I hear is pain and distress.”
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Remembering Munich, September 5, 1972

The Israel Forever Foundation is hosting a campaign to commemorate a day that will live in infamy, September 5, 1972.
On that day in…1972 in Munich Germany, 11 Israeli Olympians and one German police officer were killed in a devastating terrorist attack at the ’72 Olympic Games that was instigated by an organization called Black September.

Before the suicide bombings, the car rammings, the stabbings, the brainwashing of children to hate, THIS was the onset of Palestinian terror taking an international stage. This was the first event of its kind.
The tragedies of September 5th are behind us, and there is nothing that can change the atrocities that took place. But it is our duty to honor the memory of those who were murdered and translate the lessons for today.
To help commemorate, they have created the Munich Memory Project, to harness the passion garnered throughout the world upon the murder of the members of the Israeli Team. Its aim is two-fold: to protect this memory for generations to come and to serve as an inspiration for others to learn from – for those around the world to collectively take pride in the accomplishments of fellow Jews.
Among the activities that are part of the commemoration, one can participate in a virtual moment of silence and sign the Munich Memory Virtual Memorial Wall.
You can learn all about the events of that heinous terror attack, the murdered Israeli athletes, the events leading up to it and its aftermath, and much more, here:


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Hurricane Harvey Devastates Texas, Including Jewish Communities

Hurricane Harvey – Incredible Impact

Hurricane Harvey that ripped through Texas brought destruction and devastation in its wake perhaps unparalleled in American history. Hundreds of thousands or millions of people were affected, with loss of property and unfortunately, injuries and deaths.
Among those hard hit were members of numerous Texas Jewish communities, including that of Houston, where homes and religious institutions were caught up in the havoc wrought by Harvey.
Our hearts go out to all those affected by Hurricane Harvey, and wish a speedy recovery to all those impacted by it.
Please contact your local service organizations including Jewish federations, JCCs, and synagogues for the most effective way to assist those in tremendous need, specifically those requiring immediate on-the-ground relief.
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Is Israel Truly Sovereign?

The Knesset in Israel’s capital, Jerusalem

Israel is the only Jewish state in the world. It is home to perhaps the world’s largest Jewish population; was reestablished in its ancient homeland after 2,000 years of exile; is democratic with a substantial minority, mostly Muslim; and has never known true peace in its short life as a modern state since 1948.
Given this unprecedented history and unparalleled success as an ancient/modern nation, the question can still be asked, Is Israel sovereign?
After all, Israel functions as a democracy with a parliamentary-style government, and has an independent judiciary as well as a powerful military force, leading one to convincingly assert that yes, Israel is a sovereign nation.
Yet, given all these trappings of sovereignty, Israel does not always actas a truly sovereign nation, making decisions and acting in its own best interests.
For example:
– Why does Israel still give credence to the idea of a Palestinian state within Israel’s boundaries? Why not denounce it once and for all as unworkable, and dangerous to the continued existence of the Jewish state?
– Why has Israel delayed settling and developing Judea and Samaria in substantial ways, especially in the E-1 area connecting Jerusalem with Maale Adumim, and in the Jordan Valley as well as other strategic and historic locales?
– Why doesn’t Israel demolish thousands of illegal Arab structures throughout all of Israel, many built with funds from European nations and NGOs?
– Why are there prohibitions against Jewish prayer and other severe restrictions in place against Jews on the Temple Mount?
– Why doesn’t Israel expel the tens of thousands of illegal squatters in south Tel Aviv? These individuals are not refugees, and Israel can ill afford to absorb them.
Geographically Israel is a small country surrounded by a sea of Arabs in a dangerous neighborhood, with threats on its borders growing more ominous, especially in light of Iran’s march toward creating a Shiite crescent all the way from Iran through Lebanon to the Mediterranean Sea, as well as Iran’s reestablished relationship with Hamas in Gaza.
And yes, Israel relies on the United States for military assistance and backing in institutions such as the United Nations.
These and other rationales are cited for Israel’s seemingly lack of independent action at times.
However, history has shown that when Israel acts strongly for itself and in its own best interests (damn world opinion), she comes out better for it.
Sovereignty means control, rule, power and authority. Today, Israel is sovereign in the Land of Israel, but only partially. Finally, the time is ripe for Israel to assert full sovereignty. This is the only way to safeguard its future.
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The Poles Get It Right While Western Europe Is In BIG Trouble

At the risk of financial penalties imposed by the European Union, Poland is taking a determined stand not to accept and resettle Muslim refugees pouring into Europe.
This principled, rational and sensible decision has incurred the wrath of unelected EU officials who are threatening Poland, along with the Czech Republic, with legal action and penalties for refusing to admit Muslims from the Middle East and northern Africa.
We say to Poland, bravo! Perhaps all is not lost, at least in Eastern Europe. As for Western Europe, that’s another story.
And regarding a wall on our southern border with Mexico? Mr. President: Build, baby, build.
As has been proven time and again, appeasement does not work; it only emboldens aggressors to become more aggressive. Take the most recent example, Islamist attacks against Spain, Finland and Germany. Over the years these countries have bent over backward to appease Muslims, but they continue to be loci for Islamist attacks. As Giulio Meotti writes, it just proves that Muslims do not need a “reason” to kill Westerners, but only an opening, typically provided by weak governments.
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Peace Talks Redux

We read today that White House presidential adviser and envoy Jared Kushner, along with negotiator Jason Greenblatt and others, are in the Middle East, meeting with Israelis and “Palestinians”, hoping to restart a “peace process.”
Why send emissaries to talk peace with Mahmoud Abbas when he and his cohorts:
– Continue to pay terrorists for murdering Israelis?
– Demand Israel “return” to the pre-June 1967 lines, referred to as Auschwitz borders?
– Demand Jerusalem as a capital of a future Palestinian state?
– Call for a Palestinian state that would be Judenrein?
– Continue to lie about teaching peace to their children, and continue to foster anti-Semitism in government, the media and educational institutions?

If anything, during his twelve year tenure of a four year term, Abbas has been consistent: consistent in making ridiculous demands, consistent in rejecting peace overtures from Israel, and consistent in his refusal to accept the idea of Jewish sovereignty…anywhere!

It is time that the U.S. administration state publicly what it already knows: the “Palestinians” – an invented people – do not want peace and are not willing to accept Jewish sovereignty.
Dealing with Abbas is like trying to talk to a child throwing a tantrum – accede to all of my demands or I’ll take my ball and go home. Why even speak to these people? Why play the charade?


Committing to the two-state solution would bias Washington in Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts, a US official said Wednesday, as a high-level delegation arrived in the region to try and jump start talks amid Palestinian protests over a lack of clarity from the White House.
“We are not going to state what the outcome has to be,” State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said. “It has to be workable to both sides. That’s the best view as to not really bias one side over the other, to make sure that they can work through it.”
So, perhaps Washington does see the light after all! As much as President Trump would like to be a signatory to the “deal of the century”, it appears that his views of peace in the Middle East – one state, two states, or whatever the parties agree to, has (finally) permeated down to the rest of his government. Perhaps the U.S. is no longer beholden to the sacrosanct “two state solution” that the world has attempted to shove down Israel’s throat for decades.
To be continued.
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When Will Jewish Lives Matter?

This week’s Jewish Press has printed AFSI’s Co-Executive Director Helen Freedman’s Letter to the Editor. We reprint it here in full:
When Will Jewish Lives Matter?
As I mourned the latest  Islamic terror attack, this time in Barcelona, Spain, I noticed that virtually all media listings of prior terror attacks where vehicles were used as weapons failed to mention even one of the car, truck, bulldozer, bus, and other vehicle rammings that routinely take place in Israel.
The first occurred in 2008 in Jerusalem and proved so successful that the copycat terrorists understood that this was a new way of effectively terrifying and murdering innocent people.
Israel has always been the canary in the coal mine – the incubator for successful Muslim terror attacks. The suicide and homicide bombings, the knifings, Molotov cocktails, stonings, all were tried out in Israel, found to be successful, and implemented worldwide.
Sadly, this history of ongoing Muslim terrorism in Israel is taken for granted, and the media forget or decide to exclude it from its list of monstrous murder.
When, if ever, will Jewish lives matter?
Helen Freedman
Co-Executive Director
Americans For a Safe Israel / AFSI

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