Commission of Inquiry Launched by Netanyahu Against New Israel Fund

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the formation of a parliamentary commission of inquiry against the New Israel Fund (NIF) Tuesday evening in light of the organization’s exertion of pressure on the governments of Rwanda and Uganda not to abide by agreements with Israel to take in illegal infiltrators.

Im Tirtzu is an organization led by Doug Altabef and Matan Peleg and supported by Aharon Pulver and the Israel Independence Fund. Im Tirtzu has been particularly effective in unmasking and exposing various threats to Zionism and Israel by thoroughly researching the extensive funding of anti-Israeli NGOs by European governments and the New Israel Fund.

Excellent reading on this can be found in this 2014 article by Matan Peleg: “The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing“, or visit this site for a full report on the same title.

Visit Im Tirtzu’s website HERE

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