Elisha Odess – Fight for His Release

In July 2015, an arson attack in the Arab city of Duma, was responsible for the deaths of members of a PA family. Although it was well known that an 18 year-old feud existed between Arab clans in the city, responsibility for the attack was immediately placed on the “price-tag” Jews who had been accused of retaliating for murders of Jews. In January 2016, two Israeli Jews were indicted in the case. One was a 17-year-old boy, Elisha Odess, who was imprisoned, tortured, both physically and mentally, kept in solitary confinement, denied his religious observances, and allowed only brief visits with his family. Elisha is still in prison, although NO evidence has been found to tie him to the arson attack. There is no evidence that a trial is planned.

In Israel, a country that prides itself on its morality, its ethics, and its democratic values, it is beyond comprehension that a Jewish boy should be subjected to the torture that Elisha Odess has experienced and should be imprisoned without a trial for two years. Regardless of the outcome of the situation, and we trust he will be exonerated, if and when there is a trial, he can never resume normal life. The trauma to which he has been subjected is so inhumane as to be almost impossible to overcome.

We ask that each person write to Ambassador Ron Dermer expressing concern about this miscarriage of justice, and ask the Ambassador to use his influence to secure the release of Israeli/American Elisha Odess, or at least bring him to trial so his innocence can be established.

CLICK HERE for a sample letter to write to Ambassador Dermer.

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