Elkana Residents Reject Bennett’s Visit

For the first time since he took office as prime minister, Naftali Bennett will visit the Israeli community of Elkana. The PM has restricted his visits in Judea and Samaria to IDF bases. His visit on Tuesday in the north-western Samarian marks Elkana’s 45th anniversary.

Not everybody in Elkana is happy with the invite. More than 500 Israeli citizens (not necessarily Elkana residents) have already signed a petition calling on council head Assaf Minzer to cancel Bennett’s visit. “We see the very visit as a useless attempt to cynically exploit the residents of Elkana and gain political capital,” the petition reads, noting that the cynical stuff is taking place “while Mr. Bennett’s government violates the Jewish and Zionist values of the state on a daily basis.”

The petition by the Elkana residents and other Israeli citizens is a declaration of their disgust with Bennett’s leadership.

Samaria Settlement Rejects Bennett’s Visit on Its Anniversary, by David Israel/Jewish Press, May 16, 2022


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