Gantz’s Warning: Is He Kidding?

Defense Minister Benny Gantz (Blue and White) has warned that Jewish Israel may soon be limited to the center of the country only, Israel Hayom reported.

In a closed meeting with his party last week, Gantz read aloud a WhatsApp containing threats from unnamed Arab sources, warning that they would take over Israel. “Continue to curse, you have no chance against Allah. Slowly we are eating away at your country. We have land in the Negev that is the size of Gush Dan (central Israel -ed.), which is filled with tin shacks with little Bedouin children. This is Palestinian land, essentially, and the moment a single tractor comes – we will use the leftist organizations….to issue a cease and desist order. We will send children and youths to throw stones and barricade themselves at the scene until you run like mice from the area.”

Gantz responded to the WhatsApp with a warning that in light of what is happening on the ground, “The future of the country is in danger.” Yes, it is, especially when the coalition doesn’t stop their appeasement of Arab Islamists and continues to ignore the needs of Israeli citizens. How can the Israeli government accept this comment from Gantz – the defense minister? And at the same time they are entertaining King Abdullah’s demands regarding ceding control of the Temple Mount to the Wakf (Jordanian enforcers). Where is Bennett’s spine, where is the government’s spine?? What are we missing here?

Defense Min.: ‘Jewish Israel may be limited to the center of the country only’ ~Israel National News, May 16, 2022


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