G-d is Back in the Conversation

The confluence of events, the horrible massacre in Parkland, Florida, followed by the death at age 99 of Reverend Billy Graham, brings many issues to mind. Yes, there should be no sales of automatic weapons to anyone whose specific job or responsibility doesn’t require it. Yes, there should be background checks and ID requirements for gun purchases. Yes, the FBI cannot continue dropping the ball and allowing horrific events to occur in the U.S., from the 9/11 horror to the too many school killings – all of innocents. Yes, people who are clearly suffering from mental illnesses must be identified and treated. But the question was asked by many of the victims of the Parkland massacre, “Why would G-d allow such a thing to happen in our school?” The answer came back from G-d, “I’m not allowed in your school.”

Reverend Billy Graham’s death, at this particular time, reminds us that prayer has been banished from the schools. The pledge of allegiance, in many instances, leaves out the phrase, “under G-d”. President Trump called together parents and survivors of the school killings on Wednesday to hear their cries. They prayed together.

The time has come to put G-d back into our value system. Morals, ethics, decency, respect for peoples’ lives, and for oneself, are all life sustaining. Graham’s message that “G-d loves you,” is one that is nourishing to each and every one of us. If G-d loves us, we must have some value. That value does not prove itself in the murder of others who are also loved.

With Iran beating the drums, Rev Graham’s passing and the universal reaction to it is a timely reminder about very important Evangelical Christian support for Israel in the US. It’s strong and it’s growing.

Helen Freedman

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