Helen Freedman responds to Post’s Goldberg

Richard Goldberg’s excellent opinion piece – Testing Trump, rightly exposes the dangerous, almost treasonous position that the Obama policy on Iran has placed America. The perfidious Obama nuclear deal is part of a pattern of appeasement of Iran that threatens the world with “an era of Iranian hegemony that will spread terror and missiles throughout the Middle East.”

When Obama failed to issue orders to destroy the American drone captured by Iran in 2011, from which it could steal America’s technology, it was obvious the Iranians would eventually be sending a drone – with U.S. technology – against an enemy. This weekend it was Israel. Fortunately, Israel responded immediately, “wiping out half of Syria’s air defenses this past Saturday afternoon.” These were the same air defenses that Obama declared too dangerous for the U.S. to tackle when Syria crossed Obama’s red line with its use of chemical weapons on its citizenry.

So now we have six countries involved in a treacherous scenario – Russia, the U.S., Israel, Lebanon, Syria, and Iran. What will President Trump do to send the right message to Iran to stand down? Will he close the “land bridge” between Iran and the Mediterranean? Will he exit the nuclear “deal”? Will he demonstrate to the despots of the world that America is back in the game – to win? Let’s hope so.

Helen Freedman

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