Helen Freedman’s Letter to the Editor of The Jewish Press

Once again Stephen Flatow writes a factually correct, sensible, important article. In agreeing with Ambassador David Friedman’s request to the State Department to stop referring to Israel as an “occupier” in Judea and Samaria. It is sad that our pro-Arab State Department continues to deny history, international law, the Bible, and just plain facts on the ground. As Flatow points out, 98% of the Palestinian Arabs (we don’t use the word ‘Palestinians” since this is a fabricated word, and there is no ‘Palestine’, but for reasons of being understood, we use PA), live in 40% of the area in Judea and Samaria where they have had total control over the past 22 years. The huge Arab cities of Jenin, Nablus (Shechem), and Ramallah are totally self-governing. The Jewish communities built in biblical Judea and Samaria are centers of study, growth, healthy living, positive productivity, where Jews proudly proliferate as they reclaim their heritage. They are not “occupiers.”

Flatow speaks about the true “occupiers” – Mahmoud Abbas, who refused to hold elections in 2009 when his term expired, and continues with his terrorist grip on the PA. In Gaza, “Hamas is now beginning its second decade of illegally occupying Gaza,” but one never hears the term “occupation” referring to that terrorist entity.

Thanks to Ambassador Friedman for giving the world a reality check, and thanks to The Jewish Press for always being there to print such critically important articles as this one. AMBASSADOR FRIEDMAN IS RIGHT: THERE IS NO ISRAELI ‘OCCUPATION.’

Helen Freedman
Co-Executive Director
Americans for a Safe Israel/AFSI

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