‘Tis a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, – signifying nothing! Wm. Shakespeare

We don’t want to comment on the nonsense of the Steve Bannon, Michael Wolff book except to say that Steve Bannon is falling all over himself now, apologizing to President Trump and his family for his falsehoods. Unfortunately, as with all “corrections”, they get ignored, while the first impression remains. The book is selling out to those who delight in denouncing the President. We, who so appreciate his positive moves towards Israel, Iran, and the entire Middle East, as well as his coping with Russia, North Korea, and the United Arab Nations, have no intention of spending one dime on the book, nor would we read it if it were given to us. We also appreciate what President Trump has done with the economy, health care, immigration, fossil fuels, and on and on. May he continue to defy his critics with good deeds. May he go from strength to strength.

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