High Percentage of Terror in Judea and Samaria Goes Unpunished

Ninety-nine percent of stoning and firebombing attacks in Judea and Samaria in 2019 resulted in plea deals and lenient sentences, according to new research on thousands of violent attacks on Jews in that year.

According to the research data, published by Lavi, a nonprofit that works for civil rights and good governance, and Zionist NGO Im Tirtzu, fewer than a third of those involved in stonings, 408 out of 1,283, received a prison sentence. A majority of such incidents ended with the perpetrators either being put on probation or made to pay a fine.

Of the 865 firebombings reported in Judea and Samaria in that same time year, just 285 resulted in a prison sentence, despite the offense carrying a potential maximum sentence of 20 years.

By contrast, Lavi and Im Tirtzu noted that of the 15 indictments filed by the Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office against Arab residents of eastern Jerusalem for firebomb attacks, just five resulted in a plea deal, while 10 ended with convictions and sentences.

“We refuse to accept a situation in which the lives of residents of Judea and Samaria are threatened time and again by rioters, and when those rioters are finally arrested, they have an open door in the form of a lenient plea deal waiting for them at the Military Prosecutor’s Office. We call on the military’s prosecution system to get its house in order as far as the Military Prosecutor’s Office’s wholesale signing-off on plea deals with defendants on security offenses is concerned,” said Lavi chairman Avichai Buaron.

In a statement, representatives for Im Tirtzu’s Policy and Research Department said: “The Military Prosecutor’s Office is on the frontlines of the legal fight against terrorism, and as such, it must lead an unrelenting battle against those who initiate and carry out terrorist activity. The picture revealed by the data analysis is incredibly bleak. Instead of being the spearhead in the war on terrorism and striving for contact and victory, the Military Prosecutor’s office prefers to reach plea deals with the terrorists.”

Plea deals and lenient sentences for terrorists do not sit well with AFSI. A molotov cocktail thrown at a Jew with the intent to kill is an act of terror against all Israel and must be punished accordingly. Period.

Palestinian firebomb terrorists ‘get a plea deal in Judea and Samaria,’ says Israeli non-profit, by Hanan Greenwood/JNS, August 2, 2021

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