IDF Protects Israel Against Demonstration of Terror 10 Killed Were Known Terrorists, 5 Part of Hamas Military Wing

The Israeli military on Saturday night identified 10 of the 15 people reported killed during violent protests, dubbed the “March of the Return”, along the Gaza security fence asmembers of Palestinian terrorist groups, and published a list of their names and positions in the organizations (photo and names further below).

Many on the left are incorrectly placing blame on Israel for being too “harsh” on the Gazans. Once again we must remind them of the facts: the PA does not wisely invest the money it’s given into developing infrastructure, building hospitals and schools, upgrading sanitary conditions and education for its own people. Instead, they continue to wage terror on Israel with the goal of destroying it.

We suggest those placing blame on Israel stand at the border in place of an IDF soldier and experience first hand why the IDF defends the country in the manner it deems in Israel’s best interest. It’s long overdue for the left to stop blaming Israel – a free and sovereign nation that has a right to defend itself against harm.

Source – Arutz Sheva 

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US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman commented that these protests are not peaceful and not in the best interests of the Palestinians.

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The above known terrorists were caught and killed by the IDF over the weekend
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