In the Name of Sovereignty, This Map is Unacceptable

Judea and Samaria leaders met with lawmakers from the Likud, Jewish Home and Yamina parties this past week where they presented a map of the Palestinian state envisioned by the Trump plan.

The map shown here is what Yesha leaders stress is the Palestinian state, in red, as envisioned by the Trump plan.

The map highlights the 15 Jewish communities that would become isolated enclaves encircled by the Palestinian state. It also shows that many of the key highways running into and through Judea and Samaria such as Routes 5 and 60, would no longer be accessible to Israeli drivers. THIS MAP IS UNACCEPTABLE!

The Yesha umbrella council of mayors passed a resolution earlier this month declaring that it would not accept the Trump plan’s go ahead of Israeli annexation of parts of Judea and Samaria if it meant agreeing to the other key part of the proposal — the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Nothing less than 100% full Sovereignty (over time) is acceptable. To accept 80%, 75%, 50% percent Sovereignty does not guarantee the best interests of the Israeli people, its safety and security, along with its legal, historical and biblical right to their Jewish Land.

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