Anti-Semitism Disguised as Activism: Jewish Stores, Synagogues Looted, Vandalized in LA. America’s Tragedy Exploited to Advance Blame Israel Agenda

A number of kosher stores and synagogues were vandalized and looted in Los Angeles’ Fairfax neighborhood between Saturday night and Sunday morning. This is Anti-Semitism disguised as activism by people protesting last week’s killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Some of the synagogues damaged include Congregation Kehilas Yaakov, also known as Rabbi Gershon Bess Shul, and Tiferes Tzvi (Rabbi Ganzweig Shul) on Beverly Boulevard.

Democratic Socialists of America’s BDS national working group attempted to tie Israel to recent incidents of US police violence against minorities and has sparked outrage. Referring to unrest on the streets of Minneapolis, the group tweeted, “The police violence happening tonight in Minneapolis is straight out of the IDF playbook,” adding, “US cops train in Israel.”

Americans For A Safe Israel believes all people are created equal and enjoy equal protection under the law. However, when their cause is combined and corrupted with another, which demonizes Am Yisroel and Eretz Yisroel, we cannot support their movement.

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