Iran’s Uprising – Silence Everywhere but Support from Trump and Netanyahu

Last Thursday Iranians began demonstrating against President Hassan Rouhani’s brutal regime. The United Nations and European leaders have, not surprisingly, remained noticeably silent on this development.

U.S. President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered enthusiastic support for the Iranian people in their demonstrations against both the secular and religious governments of their country.
Decades of spreading hate and financial waste being poured into terror groups is now coming back to smack the Ayatollah and now the Rouhani regime in the face. Let’s remember that former President Obama gave Iran $150 billion, which should have gone to help the people of Iran – the man in the street. Instead the money went to support the terrorist organizations Hezbollah and Hamas, that now threaten Israel.

A democratic Iran with justice and the basic liberties and freedoms afforded a civil society is important not only for Israel’s security, but for the security and safety of all countries.The IDF has announced that Iranian proxy Hezbollah is poised for a strike against Israel at any moment! A victory for the Iranian people could be a game-changer. Need we say more?

For a video of PM Netanyahu’s support and the Arutz Sheva article click here.

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