Israel – “Help Your Own Poor First” Chief Rabbi Supports Government Deportation Plan

The Chief Rabbi of Israel, David Lau expressed his support Monday for a government plan to remove 40,000 illegal immigrants from Israel, and decried comparisons opponents of the plan have made between Jewish refugees of the Nazi Holocaust and the illegal immigrants living in Israel.

Rabbi Lau cites that many refugees claim they are fleeing mandatory military service, while they are actually seeking jobs and not refuge. AFSI strongly feels that putting the needs of Israeli citizens first should be a top priority for the Israeli Government.

Read today’s Arutz Sheva article

May Golan, CEO of The Hebrew City, discusses the social problems she sees in Israel. The Hebrew City is an Israeli NGO that fights for the salvation of the South Tel Aviv and other neighborhoods that have been overrun and terrorized by the illegal infiltrators.

Pictured left to right: AFSI Chairman Mark Langfan, May Golan, William Langfan
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