Just Paranoid or Political? Yehuda Glick Interrogated for The Second Time

Police arrived at the home of former MK Yehuda Glick Tuesday night to execute a search. This latest targeting of Glick follows his arrest on the Temple Mount Tuesday morning because he was walking too slowly. This gave the appearance as if he was engaged in prayer, which is forbidden to Jews at the site of two holy temples.

After the interrogation Glick was released to his home under restrictive conditions even though they did not find anything.

This is a vengeful political stunt by the Israel police. The country has real problems to deal with, such as, security and forming a government. We do not want to hear how they waste their time like this. It’s no wonder the public loses confidence and trust in its leaders.

Vindictive Police: 6 Detectives Search Yehuda Glick’s Home following Temple Mount Arrest, by David Israel. The Jewish Press – February 19, 2020

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