Letter to the Editor of the Wall Street Journal on the IRS Article Noted Above

Obama’s disdain for Israel was on constant display during his presidency, but the seven year IRS campaign against Z Street, as described by Lori Lowenthal Marcus in her op-ed, so glaringly illustrates the anti-Israel Obama policy positions as to be painful.

Contriving excuses such as that Z Street had to be denied its 501C3 because it might be “funding terror” and “supporting Jewish activity over the Green line”, was clearly discriminatory and prejudiced. This policy of getting “special scrutiny” also affected other organizations applying for tax exempt status who were asked by the IRS to “explain their religious beliefs about the Land of Israel.” The fact that organizations actually involved in giving donations indirectly to Hamas, a designated terror group, were granted 501C3s, underscored the bias of the Obama administration.

It is hoped that now, under the Trump administration, when Z Street vs IRS has been settled, that the organization can start again and re-enlist those who were drawn to it. We were among that group and look forward to being part of it again.

Helen Freedman

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