Nachala Leads the Way for Protecting the Land

A report in Arutz Sheva today states that the history of the settling of the Land of Israel may be entering a new era with an awakening that has not been seen in many years.

That awakening is certainly credited to our friends in the Nachala movement. Nachala comprises dozens of garinim (seed groups) and hundreds of families – sure signs that a new era has indeed begun.

The awakening began July 20, 2022, when tens of thousands of people packed their tents and families and went up to numerous locations simultaneously, demanding from the government of Israel the establishment of new Jewish communities throughout Judea and Samaria. Since last month, a number of garinim continue their activism.

Lital Slonim, Nachala’s public relations head said in order to redeem the Land, the Zionist pioneering spirit must forge ahead and remain a priority in the public discourse in Israel.

A new awakening for Jews in Israel and around the world, by Israel National News, August 29, 2022



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