Are You Paying Attention? Iran is 2 Weeks Away From Going Nuclear

Talks between Iran and world powers and indirectly with the US have ramped up in recent weeks after months of stalling following Iranian demands that were rejected by Washington. Throughout, Israel continues to hold firm on its position that Iran’s nuclear program must be prevented from advancing.

In response to the recent flurry of activity to push the Iran deal forward, Defense Minister Benny Gantz traveled to the US for a series of meetings with American defense officials.

In a press conference in Israel today, Prime Minister Yair Lapid said that Israeli pressure tactics on the United States have already had some positive effects. “The Americans accepted a large part of the things that we wanted them to include in the drafts. It is a welcome change, and the dialogue with them is good and we will continue it.” Given that according to the IAEA Iran is two weeks from having its first nuclear weapon, this dialogue must continue and it must be made clear that Israel and the region are in a precarious position. Sanctions should be strengthened and oversight must be made more thorough.

As the world continues to turn a blind eye to all of this, let’s remember that Iran’s President Ebraim Raisi is scheduled to speak in mid September at the United Nations annual General Assembly, where he is sure to push Iran’s desire for a nuclear agenda. Raisi should not be allowed in the country, let alone speak at the United Nations.

Israel continues to send a clear message by holding strong on its tough stance on the negotiations. The world must remember that Iran’s intentions are nefarious, not peaceful. Any deal with Iran, as Gantz made clear before he left for the US, “will harm global and regional security.” Israel’s visit to the US this week has had a positive effect on weakening attempts to seal the Iran deal, at least for now.

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