Defense Against Iran: Mossad Director Goes to DC

David Barnea, the director of Mossad agency is scheduled to visit Washington D.C. next week. He is slated to speak with senior White House officials about the nuclear talks in Vienna. The Biden administration and European powers involved in the talks are widely expected to wrap up negotiations with Tehran in the next few weeks. This would lead to the signing of an agreement restoring the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

Last week Barnea sharply criticized the Biden White House over the impending agreement and accused the administration of lying to Israel. “We are making a pasted copy of the 2015 agreement, and the only thing that remains from this is the text,” Barnea said in closed conversations.

Interim Prime Minister Yair Lapid thought he had made headway pressuring the US but seems to now understand that the deal that is on the table releases billions of dollars to Iran for its own nefarious plans and to fund its terror proxies, many of whom are surrounding Israel now. Every Israeli understands that this terrible deal needs to have “tighter” IAEA oversight and include restrictions on Tehran’s ballistic missile program.

Biden has not taken his phone calls. First, the White House blamed Biden’s unavailability on his recent vacation, which ended last Wednesday. With both men set to speak at the United Nations General Assembly in September, Lapid is hoping for an in-person meeting.
So much for all the land given to Arabs by Lapid and Gantz during Biden’s trip. Useless show of weakness!

As Israel pushes forward to stop this disastrous deal from going through, we can only pray for their success. Any deal that does get penned with Iran will put them within weeks of obtaining nuclear weapons.

How the “Great Satan” can go along with this all is beyond our comprehension.

Mossad chief to visit Washington for talks on Iran deal, by David Rosenberg/Israel National News, August 28, 2022

Israeli PM Lapid, unable to get Biden on phone, pushes for meeting to discuss Iran: report, by Ronn Blitzer/Fox News, August 28, 2022

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