New Tool of Terror

Jewish residents in Judea and Samaria have been subject in recent weeks to a new kind of terrorist tactic: laser beams. This new terrorism is in addition to ongoing stone throwing attacks.

The terrorists have been aiming laser beams at drivers’ eyes in an attempt to cause accidents. Incidents have been reported in the Benjamin region near Jerusalem, with the perpetrators believed to be from the village of Al-Mughair.

“For the past several months, every evening, residents from the village engage in blinding terrorism on Jewish residents’ cars on the roads, endangering their lives,” said one resident. “The security forces have been spreading leaflets rather than making arrests. What are they waiting for, for fatalities?”

A few years back there were a string of arson balloon terror attacks that Israel had to defend itself against and it took some time before security forces struck back. Laser beam attacks must be held on the same level as rockets launched into Israel. We pray that this time it does not take as long as it did with the arson balloons for Israel’s security forces to act swiftly. A complete stop to this new tool of terror must happen immediately.

Judea and Samaria drivers face new kind of terrorism: laser beams, by Hanan Greenwood/Israel Hayom, July 19, 2022





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