No, Not Again!

Neve Dekalim, Gaza, 2005
(Photo: Jerusalem Post)

Josh Hasten, Director of Regavim (/ writes in the Jerusalem Post about another Israeli court ruling about another set of Jewish homes in another community in the Shomron that are threatened with destruction, all on dubious and unsubstantiated claims that they are illegally built on “private Palestinian land.”
This time, the homes are in the Netiv Avot neighborhood of Elazar. From the top of this neighborhood, one can see the buildings of Ashdod, the boats in the harbor, and the Mediterranean sea beyond.
Why? A 2016 High Court ruling declared that 15 out of the community’s 42 homes were illegally built, and a March 2018 date has been set for their demolition by the state.
To date, no private ownership of the land, or registration of ownership has ever been proven, nor were any ties of the Arab petitioner to the land proven. Yet, the state has ruled that the homes must be demolished.
As Josh writes, While every case is unique, we’ve seen some of these types of ludicrous rulings before. Whether it was the 2012 evacuation of 50 families from Migron, who were relocated to a trailer park just two kilometers away, or the destruction of five buildings in Beit-El’s Ulpana apartment complex that same year, no Arabs are currently present utilizing the lands, which were once thriving Jewish areas, in any way, shape or form.

I would bet that the same will hold true in the area where the recently demolished Amona stood, along with the land where nine Ofra homes once sat. In other words, Jewish homes are being torn down without rhyme or reason.

The next month or so will determine the fate of Netiv Avot, and we will be watching developments closely.
It’s time this nonsense stops.
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