The Poles Get It Right While Western Europe Is In BIG Trouble

At the risk of financial penalties imposed by the European Union, Poland is taking a determined stand not to accept and resettle Muslim refugees pouring into Europe.
This principled, rational and sensible decision has incurred the wrath of unelected EU officials who are threatening Poland, along with the Czech Republic, with legal action and penalties for refusing to admit Muslims from the Middle East and northern Africa.
We say to Poland, bravo! Perhaps all is not lost, at least in Eastern Europe. As for Western Europe, that’s another story.
And regarding a wall on our southern border with Mexico? Mr. President: Build, baby, build.
As has been proven time and again, appeasement does not work; it only emboldens aggressors to become more aggressive. Take the most recent example, Islamist attacks against Spain, Finland and Germany. Over the years these countries have bent over backward to appease Muslims, but they continue to be loci for Islamist attacks. As Giulio Meotti writes, it just proves that Muslims do not need a “reason” to kill Westerners, but only an opening, typically provided by weak governments.
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