Preserve and Build – Don’t Destroy: The Sovereignty Movement’s Letter to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett

The government demolished the Homesh Yeshiva last Friday. In an Arutz Sheva OpEd, The Sovereignty Movement appealed to the Bennett government: Instead of destroying, build Homesh! Preserve the Homesh Yeshiva!

“Mr. Prime Minister, you were absent yesterday during the spiritually exalted level of those present in Homesh, had you come, you would have been strengthened by the powerful and resolute spirit of the thousands who came to say: The Land of Israel is ours! Homesh is ours! The time has come for sovereignty!

How can one descend from yesterday’s high spiritual level to the unprecedented low of the destruction of the structures around the Homesh yeshiva, a yeshiva that is entirely self-sacrifice, a yeshiva that preserves the embers of the Zionist values that bind us to our wonderful Land?

Where are you leading the country? In a normal country – the homes of the murderers would wiped off the map, the entire village would be exiled beyond our borders.”

While AFSI appreciates the good that is being done in the Golan, this travesty negates any good feeling we have in hearing about it. Israel needs to be sovereign in ALL of Israel, including Judea and Samaria, not just the parts that are convenient at the moment.

Sovereignty Movement to Bennett: Build Homesh, don’t destroy it!, by Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar/Israel National News, December 24, 2021

Days After the Murder, Bennett Government Demolishes Parts of Homesh, by David Israel/Jewish Press, December 24, 2021


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