Sovereignty Bill Rejected

This story appeared before today’s announcement that Israel’s current government will dissolve.

Israel’s Ministerial Committee for Legislation rejected a bill Sunday which would apply Israeli sovereignty over large swaths of Judea and Samaria.

The Religious Zionist Party blasted the committee’s decision in a statement Sunday afternoon. “A government with the Islamic Movement which relies on the Joint Arab List cannot even pass the Judea and Samaria Regulation Law – and now even shoves away the open hand the Opposition is offering.” Clearly, this government cannot remain in power. “The people of Israel deserve a Jewish, Zionist government, and we will establish one soon.”

Yes, the people of Israel do deserve a Jewish, Zionist government. Based on today’s breaking news that the government will dissolve, we pray we can look forward to a new government this Fall that will take the application of sovereignty over Judea and Samaria seriously and make it happen. It is the only legal and ethical thing to do.

Ministerial committee rejects bill to apply Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria, by Hezki Baruch/Israel National News, June 19, 2022


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