Sovereignty Movement’s Response to the Intent to Demolish Homesh Yeshiva

The Land of Israel is not a chessboard where soldiers are moved from square to square and where you give up an officer to save a rook.

The Land of Israel is one essential value unit and is not subject to deals; we do not surrender one part in exchange for another.

Homesh and Eviatar are ours.

The People of Israel are privileged to have within it strong and courageous heroes, the pioneers of our generation, who are willing to live in Homesh and revive Homesh, whose contribution to the security and history to the People of Israel is invaluable.

We are also privileged to have families and yeshiva students who are willing to devote themselves to the existence of Eviatar, which symbolizes, in addition to being a shining point of settlement on the map of Israel, the level of loyalty for the Israeli government.

A government that does not keep its promises is a weak government, internally as well as externally.

The Land of Israel is not a political game piece. We must apply our sovereignty over it, to preserve it and the dedicated people who are willing to sacrifice a comfortable life for the cause, to live and be pioneers at the front of the camp.

Do not touch the Land of Israel and her emissaries and the majority of the Jewish People, who support them!

Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar
The Sovereignty Movement


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