US State Department to Correct 2019 Report (Psst, wrong numbers were based on UN figures)

Ezri Tubi of Boomerang Fighting for Israel fought for the truth about Israel and WON! Americans For A Safe Israel is so proud of our friend, colleague and guest on this week’s AFSI ZOOM meeting.

A recent Israel Hayom report showed that the US State Department was incorrectly tallying the number of Palestinian terrorist incidents in the Israel 2019 Human Rights Report it published several months ago. The US government said it would amend the document.

US Congressmen Doug Lamborn and David B. McKinley pressed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo after Israel Hayom reported the errors, which were based on UN figures that took their information from left-wing NGOs or Palestinian advocacy groups.

The data about Palestinian attacks on Israelis were collected by Boomerang- Fighting for Israel. The group advocates for Israel and publishes a weekly report on terrorism statistics. Kol haKavod Ezri Tubi!

Boomerang’s reports are included towards the bottom of every AFSI newsletter under the “Resources” section. To view our recent Zoom meeting with Ezri, visit our YouTube Channel.

#TruthInNumbers #UNNumbersWrong

Following flawed report, US to publish new figures on Palestinian terrorism, by Ariel Kahana. Israel Hayom – July 15, 2020

Why did US report on Palestinian terrorism get the numbers wrong?, by Ariel Kahana. Israel Hayom – July 7, 2020

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