Jabotinsky in the Mirror of Reality by Yaakov Hagoel

Eighty years ago, the stormy heart of Ze’ev Jabotinsky, Zionist leader, founder of the Revisionist movement and Betar Youth Organization, fell silent.

After decades of his teachings being pushed to the margins of public discourse, today Jabotinsky finally receives a proper place in history. His ideology has slowly but surely seeped into the public consciousness and is appreciated for its merits.

The Jewish and Zionist world is facing a very significant period. Today, both the political right and left now see the inevitable implementation of the process of applying Israeli Sovereignty to Jewish communities in all parts of the Land of Israel.

#Jabotinsky #SovereigntyNow #SilenceIsDespicable

Jabotinsky in the mirror of reality, by Yaakov Hagoel. Arutz Sheva – July 23, 2020

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