Victim or Victor?

By Charlie Bernhaut

How can one explain that leftwing New York Jews rallied outside the Union for Reform Judaism offices last Wednesday and said Kaddish for the dead Hamas terrorists? (I wonder if they have ever said Kaddish for Jews who have been brutally murdered by Arab terrorists?)

It has been found that people subjected to abuse are inclined to blame themselves for their misfortune. What did I do wrong? Maybe if I change, my persecutors will forgive me? People who are openly committed to my annihilation are justified. We stole their land and have no right to it.

Rabbi Meir Kahane wrote: “No one, no people, has so sadly honed guilt to a finer art than we Jews. There are, invariably, those liberal Jews who instinctively feel guilty about everything……we are occupiers and conquerors, we oppress innocent people; our national soul is being corroded; we are above all, guilty”.

It is very clear that the Gaza/Gush Katif experiment is a total failure. We see what Israel got in return for giving the Arabs Gaza: murdered Jews; Hamas dedicated to Israel’s destruction; thousands of rockets bombarding Israel; hatred of the Jews embedded in the hearts and minds of every Arab; billions of dollars diverted to building tunnels and buying weapons rather than used for building an economic, free society. “Land for Peace” is really “Land for Pieces (of Israel)”.

Those leftwing Jews who said Kaddish for the dead Hamas terrorists are pathetic, self-loathing, arrogant, and ignorant specimens who prefer to view the existence of Israel being born in sin. Ignore all the wars dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish State and the killing of Jews. Ignore the fact that a Palestinian State will be a terrorist state. Ignore the fact that there is no such thing as a democratic Arab state.

The days of Jewish ‘victimhood’ are over. Jews have every right to the land of Israel. Stand up and be proud of our victorious, brave Israel.

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