Watching David Myers Closely

Along with JCC Watch, AFSI held two protest demonstrations this fall against the appointment of David Meyers at the Center for Jewish History and continues to keep a close watch on this issue. It has been reported that through writings and his role as a UCLA professor, David Meyers turned a generation of Jews against Israel. The Israel Group was given a direct and anonymous quote from an internationally respected UCLA professor and longtime colleague of David Myers: “The damage that Myers caused to Jewish life at UCLA will take many years to erase. He undermined systematically any attempt to bring students closer to Israel, and created two bastions of anti-Israel cultures: 1. the Center for Jewish studies, and 2. The history department.

These statements confirm our stand that David Myers will not separate his role as a leader in The New Israel Fund, JStreet and othersof the same bent, from his role as the head of the largest repository of Jewish history in the US. The fight continues!

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