WHEREAS, The AFT in San Diego Is Anti-Semitic

Right before Rosh Hashanah, the American Federation of Teachers in San Diego, Local 1931, issued an anti-Israel statement.

This statement is worth reading in full, because not only does it say that Jews have no right to self-determination, but it relies on lies in nearly every sentence to make that point.

Teachers who teach bigotry and lies are supremely unqualified to be teachers.

This AFT statement is an outrageous litany of lies, supported by people who are supposed to care about the truth. It is full of bigotry while written by those who are supposed to teach children to treat people equally. It is hypocrisy in its purest sense.

The kindest thing that can be said about these teachers is that they are uneducated on the truth about Israel. More likely, they are blatantly anti-Semitic. Fire them now.

Read the Elder of Ziyon’s blog for the full statement.

American Federation of Teachers – San Diego issues an anti-Israel statement filled with antisemitism and lies, by Elder of Ziyon, September 13, 2021





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