Women in Green: The Struggle For Jerusalem Is Not Over

Reports from the United States, according to which the Biden administration has decided not to press for the establishment of a separate American consulate in Jerusalem for the Palestinian Arabs, are encouraging. There are many people and organizations that are to be congratulated for their activity in hopefully halting the American program, but above all else, the resolute and spiritually healthy Jewish people deserve commendation for its successful stand in defense of its eternal capital.

The struggle for Jerusalem, this is clear to any knowledgeable person, is not a struggle for territory or control. The struggle for Jerusalem is a struggle for the essence and national and spiritual image of the people of Israel throughout the generations. The Arab quest for sovereignty in Jerusalem expresses the ongoing Islamic aspiration to uproot the Jewish people from its essence and historical role, to expel it from its land and to wrest its primacy from it. That is why this struggle cannot be expected to end with one local campaign or another.

The Consulate – Just the beginning of the struggle, by Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar/Israel National News, December 21, 2021




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