A Rush to Blame Israel but Facts are Coming Out

IDF Spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari delivered an address today in English on the war between Israel and the Hamas terrorist organization and the airstrike in the Rafah area in which 30 people were reportedly killed on Sunday.

He said that the fire caused by the airstrike could not have been caused by the munitions used by the IDF and presented a conversation between two Gazans saying that the Israeli strike was not that strong and that the fire was likely caused by munitions or other materials kept by terrorist organizations in the area.

The facts about the IDF strike in Rafah:

The IDF targeted two senior Hamas terrorists it had tracked by aerial surveillance to a Hamas compound in Rafah

The IDF confirmed no women or children were in the compound before striking

The strike took place more than a mile outside the Al-Mawasi designated humanitarian zone and more than 0.1 miles from the shelters that caught fire.

The strike was carried out using 37 lb. warheads — the smallest munition IDF jets can use; the IDF munitions alone could not have ignited such a large fire.

The IDF is continuing to investigate the cause of the fire, including the possibility that Hamas had stored weapons in the area that the IDF was not aware of, and which exploded due to the strike.

This is another opportunity to rush to blame Israel in the public’s mind. The sad reality is that if Israel is at fault, the outcry over the reportedly 30 civilian deaths would have been far greater than that of the Oct. 7th massacre, which everyone seems to have forgotten about. We hope that Israel will not accept blame for this “tragic mishap” unless it’s proven the IDF were at fault and did not take all reasonable precautions. While there is no definitive finding as to the cause of the fire, we trust the facts will be revealed soon and exonerate Israel.

IDF Spokesman: Fire from Rafah strike could not have been caused by IAF munition, by Israel National News, May 28, 2024

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