It was with great anticipation and excitement that we watched the inaugural proceedings for the installation of America’s 45th President. Beginning with the laying of the wreath at Arlington Cemetery, to the concert in front of the Lincoln memorial, to today’s swearing- in ceremony at America’s Capitol, Americans were treated to a breath of fresh air. The beautiful Trump family, along with the entire retinue of dignitaries, created a feeling of optimism for the future. When Rabbi Marvin Heir pronounced the pledge to Jerusalem, “If I forget thee O Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its cunning”, our hearts were filled with pride and gratification. It is wonderful to live in a country where dedication to Jerusalem may be proclaimed openly on the world stage. We are looking forward to the U.S. Embassy being moved to Jerusalem and to countless positive programs between the U.S. and Israel – two real allies on the world stage.

Tuvia Tenenbaum, author of “Catch The Jew, among other books, gives us insight into the types of people President Trump was trying to fill with optimism in his very forward looking Inauguration speech. Read Here

AFSI is a co-sponsor of The 4th Sovereignty Conference:
“Sovereignty with Responsibility”
Sponsored by Women In Green and the Forum for Sovereignty

For those who will be in Jerusalem on Sunday, February 12, this conference is a must!
Full Jewish Sovereignty over all of Judea and Samaria is the answer, and this conference is another step in that direction.
Hosted by Women In Green and the Forum For Sovereignty, the speakers are a Whose Who of today’s leaders for full sovereignty.
There is no charge, but seating is limited and registration is required.
Lectures are in Hebrew with simultaneous translation into English!
Please see the flyer below for additional information.
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