Al Sharpton – A Has-Been Who Has Been Around Way Too Long

Racist, anti-Semitic Al Sharpton has been in the public arena far too long. He passed his expiration date years ago, but stays around, spoiled and rotten.
For decades he has instigated violent protests throughout New York City – many of them anti-Semitic and causing the deaths of innocent bystanders. And for decades, he has hobnobbed with the rich and famous in order to pad his oversized pockets.
For decades Sharpton has epitomized sleaze.
No surprise he was a regular welcomed guest at the Obama White House.
While we had thought (and hoped) that he had retired from public life, he keeps on ticking, and he keeps popping up in the company of other leftist radicals. These include Jewish leftists who years ago had faded into irrelevancy, only to find new life with Donald Trump’s victory, as well as the Occupy Wall Street detritus who also lay dormant with nothing to do until The Donald assumed power.
The media have loved Sharpton, as he has always been a colorful figure (no pun intended). If there is a leftist cause deemed worthy of protest, especially one in which he could manufacture an excuse to blame the Jews, you can be certain that he will lead it, with those Jewish leftists who make cause with everything except Jewish causes, arm-in-arm with Sharpton the anti-Semite.
What is it with these Jewish leftists and Sharpton? Perhaps some insight can be gained from Daniel Greenfield’s article, which is well worth reading: JEWISH LEFTISTS MARCH WITH ANTI-SEMITIC SHARPTON AGAINST TRUMP.
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