Arson? We Say Terrorism

Firefighters over the past week have tended to approximately 600 fires in open areas in Judea and Samaria.

The Fire and Rescue Service emphasized that in a normal week, the firefighters deal with approximately 30-40 fires a week in the entire region.

Fire Deputy Chief Haim Ben-Nun, the head of the operations branch of the Judea and Samaria District said, “Last week we ended with 600 fires in open areas in the entire region. It shows a clear drastic upward trend in the number of incidents.”

According to the report, firefighters in Judea and Samaria are pointing out a concerning trend. Arson is being committed near IDF bases across Judea and Samaria, both small and large bases. This is in addition to cases of arson near homes.

The number of fires occurring is disturbing. This is clearly not the type of case where so many weekly fires due to extreme heat, like a forest fire, are the problem. It’s not arson either. It’s terrorism.

Concerning trend | Arson cases in Judea and Samaria spike by over 100%, by Israel National News, by Israel National News, June 4, 2024

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