Bennett Takes Another Step in the Campaign Against Terrorists

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett has signed an order to prevent convicted terrorists with Israeli citizenship, and their families, from receiving payments from the Palestinian Authority.

In what’s known as “pay-for-slay” payments, the PA guarantees financial support to Palestinians and Arab-Israelis who carry out attacks against Israeli citizens and are convicted or killed.

“We’ve moved to facts. This is another step in the campaign against terrorists, we are working so that Jewish blood will no longer be financially lucrative,” Bennett said in a statement. He pledged to employ all the legal tools available to prevent terrorists to receive financial support.

According to the statement, this is the first time that Israel is implementing such a measure. Although this will apply only to Israeli Arabs serving time in Israeli prisons, we think this will have much more impact than the previous system of withholding funds from the PA because in the past the PA could use other funds to pay the terrorists. It should not PAY TO SLAY Jews anywhere!

Bennett signs order preventing Israeli terrorists receiving ‘pay-for-slay’ money, Jerusalem Post Staff. Jerusalem Post – December 25, 2019

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