Blinken’s “Determinations” are Just Another Stab in the Back

On Friday, Axios reported that U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken was considering applying the Leahy Law, which prohibits the U.S. from funding foreign police and military units suspected of human rights abuses. Blinken said, “I’ve made determinations; you can expect to see them in the days ahead,”

The US proposal would deny military aid to the ultra-Orthodox IDF Unit Netzah Yehuda. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called proposed sanctions ‘the height of absurdity” and a “moral low.”

It was also reported that the ultra-Orthodox IDF unit Netzah Yehuda would face US sanctions over the death of an 80-year-old Palestinian-American suspect Omar Assad, who died of cardiac arrest while he was handcuffed.

Perfect timing Mr. Blinken. Your boss funds and emboldens Iran, which seeks the destruction of Israel, a war is raging against Israel, and Israel fights for its very survival. You just couldn’t resist an opportunity to dig in further and stab the Jewish Nation State in the back.

Netanyahu slams ‘absurd’ proposed US sanctions against IDF unit as ‘a moral low’, by Vered Weiss/World Israel National News, April 21, 2024



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