Calm for Two More Days; Will Israel Lose Momentum?

The Egyptian government officially announced that the efforts to extend the current ceasefire have borne fruit and latest sources confirm that negotiations are complete. The agreement will extend the ceasefire by two days, during which 20 more Israeli hostages will be released in exchange for 60 security prisoners.

The original agreement was for a four-day ceasefire. Under that agreement, today, 11 Israelis are to be released in exchange for 33 imprisoned terrorists with negotiations continuing. Yesterday, 17 hostages were released, including 14 Israelis and three Thai nationals.

While hostages were released over the weekend, Israel has objected to the release of children without their mothers who are also being held hostage. Negotiators have warned Hamas that if the issue is not resolved, the ceasefire will not be extended. As of late this afternoon, that issue has been resolved.

Doubtful Israel will lose momentum in this war. The enemy will rearm and there will be more terrorists to eliminate and in all likelihood more Israeli combatants lost. In any case, there is full determination by Israel to eliminate the enemy. We pray that no matter how many times the ceasefire is extended that in the end, this terrorist entity will be unable to harm Israel anymore.

Egypt: Agreement on 2-day ceasefire extension close, by Israel National News, November 27, 2023

Qatar: Ceasefire extended for 2 days, 20 more hostages to be freed, by Israel National News, November 27, 2023


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